Problem-Based Learning

PBL.. What is the difference between problem and project based learning? They often get used interchangeably, but they are different. Problem-Based Learning focuses on the PROCESS and Project-Based Learning focuses on the PRODUCT. However, I think both provide authentic learning opportunities for students.

I am passionate about Problem-Based Learning so I when I refer to PBL it is in reference to that instructional method. I have presented on PBL multiple times, some individually and some with my dear friend and colleague Rachel Sniff, who also is a PBL guru. Here is a graphic she shared with me on the difference between PBL (problem) and PBL (project). Resource on the difference:

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 7.51.07 PM

*I wrote a little about Problem-Based Learning in my passions for education section. (Please refer back to that section for the basics of problem-based learning)

10 Problem-based learning Resources:





5. (Project/Problem/Inquiry)


7. (blog post on questioning through PBL by te@chthought)

8. (use case studies as PBL)

9. (video on PBL)

10. (video on PBL)

Students in my classroom say this about PBL:






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