Twitter PLN <3

I could talk all day long on the power of twitter for an educator! Twitter is AMAZING for professional development and for developing a professional learning network, both invaluable! I hear so many times teachers say, including myself, that we need more professional development on something in order to implement it in our classroom. But, after all aren’t we in charge of our own professional development? I am the biggest twitter advocate for this reason alone. I use it for my own professional development, to network, to learn, to grow, and to have the confidence it takes to implement new ideas or tools in my classroom. Our students deserve no less, than an educator willing to take initiative! Twitter can be utilized by all educators including administration, media specialists, EC specialists, teachers, and even students! There is no limit to how powerful it can be for professional growth! And let’s be honest, if you are “the excited for education geek” in your school, twitter makes you feel normal because you will connect with people just as passionate or more passionate than you are. As was said at edcampElon yesterday, it is the only place to say, “I follow you” and it be okay.

Twitter Presentation NCMLE 2014

New to twitter? Here is a copy of a presentation that Rachel Sniff (amazing educator and dear friend) and I presented for beginning educators on twitter.

We will be presenting at our first national conference this year in November on twitter. Join us in inspiring others to join the twitter nation! AMLE 2015 Nashville, Tenn.

Tiffany’s Top 10 Personal Twitter PLN Suggestions 

1. Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1 *Amazing, for all things education!

His twitter for beginners page.

2. Todd Nesloney @TechNinjaTodd *Co-author of award winning book “Flipping 2.0″:

3. Steven Anderson @web20classroom *For all things innovative:

4. Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul *Great resources for beginning teachers:

5. Dave Burgess @burgessdave *Author of Teach like a pirate, SS guru: *

6. Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher *Author of Reinventing Writing, great blogs!

7. Brad Currie @bcurrie5 *co-founder of #satchat and great resources:

8. Michael Matera @mrmatera *World History teacher and Game-based learning superstar:

9. Adam Bellow @adambellow *Public Speaker and Educational Tech guru:

10. Edutopia @edutopia * Our superintendent @lynn_moody said “If you only follow one person on twitter, follow edutopia”





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